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02-01-2010, 08:43 AM
Fleet 187 is not solely a "left coast" fleet. In fact, we have at least one member farther west than you (Hawaii) and at least one "down under". We also range pretty far back the other way with members spread across the U.S. and into Great Brittan. So, no matter what crazy hours you play, someone should be around.

We are looking for members, not numbers. We want our members to be active on the website and in-game. No, you don't have to play every day. I can't and others can't either. The 1-8-7 is more than 100 strong and growing with members who like PvE, some who prefer PvP, a few who RP and others who have no idea what those letters stand for.

Like you, I'm a casual player and I like to go at my own pace. There are some hardcore grinders in the fleet, but I like them because they find the goodies I might miss!

We use vent and as I said, have a website. Why don't you visit and see what we're doing there. I think you'll be glad you did.