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02-01-2010, 08:47 AM
Originally Posted by Baconnaise
Why are there so many threads with this topic?
Because, honestly, the topic isn't valid.

At the end of open-beta. T2 was still a living hell for Klingons - without a T2 cruiser it was a nightmare, and I certainly remember exactly how those matches played out.

The difference is NOT that I'm dealing any more damage (figures seem the same to me - but I'm not a statistician), or that I'm taking less (Fed guns hurt like hell - and I see enough of the respawn button to know that it's bugged like it was in open beta [click outside the box, and you get stuck - press escape twice to re-show the dialog]).

The differences are:
- In T2 I am "often" seeing every Klingon player with an entry in the healing column. I am seeing 1 or 2 fed players with the same number, and everyone else with zero.

The big, gigantic difference that has changed everything is:
- Federation were outnumbering Klingon PvP queues substantially.
This wasn't a bad thing (at all) - we had 'instant' PvP whenever we wanted it. When we entered a map we'd stealth up, and meet in the middle - form a bunch (often, but not always a group), and when enough players were loaded, we'd attack.

Now, we have the opposite situation - Klingons are outnumbering the Fed PvP queues.
- This is a game-breaking, red-flag, release-blocking problem. For the klingons, we simply head to your spawn, kill everyone there and camp it.
- we've been hunting down respawning feds at different entry points and blowing them away.
- we've been blowing up turrets on scrapyard, as there's nothing else to do without *any* Fed players for the first minute or 2. (honestly, scrapyard I've won 1500-0 so many times that it's getting boring)

But in terms of Fed v Klink in T2, I have played a few rounds against (non-fleet) teams that entered at the start, grouped up, used science vessels and cruisers, escorts that understood their job... and we lost repeatedly by a very large margin .