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02-01-2010, 09:04 AM
Originally Posted by PotatoOverdose View Post
Thing is, if any side side has such a high win/loss ratio in any tier, something is just plain wrong from a balance point of view .
... because there could not -possibly- be any other explanation. It can''t -possibly- be our lack of teamwork, preparation or knowledge of the game.

This is exactly the sort of complete failure of incompetence that prevents people from ever improving.

Originally Posted by Capulet View Post
God i love posts like these, back and forth about one side being too powerful than the other. Cryptic over compensates then faction 2 cries about faction 1 being OP. At this rate both factions will be nerfed into retardation by June. If the Feds would quit diving full impulse within 11k of the enemy they might not go down so quick. Give your power time to reroute. Also Klingon loot is still laughable so by tier 2 Feds should be cleaning house. Rather than whining about that I play my Fed alt (outside pvp) and smuggle (mail) loot to my main. Got to love Klingon spies
Except cryptic didn't change anything on the kdf side between OB and now, except start kdf out with gear worse than I farmed for myself in t1, and -way- worse than I had on fed side.

What's changed is that there is a swarm of complete newbs, who somehow feel entitled to win without knowing how.