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02-01-2010, 09:05 AM
Originally Posted by USS-Tiberius
During a pvp match I watched this one guy engage 3 on 1 or more odds and just keep killing until he was close to death then he would just full impulse away.....

Made it impossible to kill him as he would always run away and it was very fast so you could not follow...or finish him off, he would just repeat this with others so you could never kill them but they could always kill you.....

What skill is this that allows you to go full impulse speeds in the middle of combat? and what genius thought this would be a good idea in pvp?
So was it yesterday? in T2 that i was plaing around with Hit-and-Run cause i was bored? and said i speed hack? ... lol i run 100/25/50/25 (prior skill bonus) most of the time and i carry Engine battery. and yes i do have a preset for max speed/shield so i can + evasive and get the hell out of dodge. but no theres no speed hack, or exploit, or impulse whil on a combat timer.