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02-01-2010, 10:05 AM
As a pvp junkie, you will probably like these fun little facts. Also, keep in mind I am a T2 Federation Escort player with mostly greens and a couple blues::

-Klingons level mostly by pvp, Federation CAN, but Fed is more focused on the exploration/missions style of PvE.
-Open space is NOT open pvp. PvP takes place in special zones/arenas. However, "enemy contact" NPCs can engage you at any time should they get close enough (and they are actually quite fun little diversions to break up long flights in between sectors)
-Klingons are zomgpwn powerful in T1, pretty even in T2 class-to-class (So a bird of prey versus an escort in T2), and from there on it's up to your skills, Bridge Officer abilities, and gear on your ship to determine the winner.
SIDENOTE: Flying fully speed, high yield popped, rapid fire cannons popped, straight at a BoP while they are doing the same is pretty much one of the quintissentially awesome bits of PvP for an escort player so far
-On ground, Klingons are much more melee based than Federation. Basically, Klingons have a bit more resilience to get them close to the Fed players, but Fed players have long range and ranged weapon bonuses to balance it. Once an averagely geared klingon gets into bat'leth range, tho, then it's ON. Have only done a couple of ground PvP fights so far, were pretty fun.
-You can queue for PvP anywhere in the universe, and it will teleport you back to where you were when you leave PvP

As to the time investment:

Questing is balanced into single missions of an episode arc. Let me explain that. Episodes are mission lines, usually 3 missions and up to 20 missions long. Each mission is an individual save point along the way of that Episode. So, for example, you're doing a bone-standard patrol episode (obligatory: "Where is Sulu?" comment here), in which you go to 3-6 star systems, warp in, and get assigned a random task, usually "beam down and scan these 5 items" or "escort this freighter through the three squadrons of gorn" or "fight this evenly levelled but higher class ship for the win" type of things. When you finish that MISSION, it updates the EPISODE. Meaning, realisitacally, if you just warped out of mission and have to go take care of the kid, simply log off and do your real life obligations, and when you come back, your ship is where you left it, your episode is where you left it, and all the missions you've completed are still complete.

This is a nice way to allow for big arching narratives in a game that can't be paused (well, for longer than 45 seconds ). It allows the casual gamer the opportunity to do big, important lore episodes however quickly they want to. For example, the City on the Edge of Never is a pretty huge lore chain, but takes about 11 missions to do. At any point, you can simply leave the episode (say the kid needs some attention) by exiting the game, warping out/beaming up, etc, and go take care of it. The ONLY caveat to that is that when you do come back online, you have to start that mission over again, but you will be the same amount of missions into the episode. Also... MOST (notice, I said MOST) missions don't take longer than 15 minutes max. There are a few (I'm looking at you, escort-the-freighter-to-6-points-around-a-planet mission <.<) that take longer, but overall, I feel it's a very smart way of making sure you can experience the game at the pace you want/need.

I myself am a Lt Comm 6, but I had nothing else to do over the weekend... it'll probably take me the next month and a bit to get to Admiral, because I am a casual player that can only play when I don't have college stuff to do and/or in the evenings only.