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02-01-2010, 09:08 AM
Originally Posted by RurouniQ View Post
Wow, I'll have to try that! Although currently I have my Tribble in my device bar, so at any time I can easily whip it out and pet it. (Giggity.)
Actual discussion with a Fleet-mate over Ventrilo this weekend...

Fleetmate: (*laughs*) "I just saw my Medic pet her tribble. Too funny."
Me: "Is that what they're calling it now?"

I have managed to get a good variety of tribbles so far. For some reason, I find it entertaining to breed them and see what different patterns I can get. With the way you can force a trade window, I'm dropping them on my fleetmates every chance I get. Just wish you could use them as projectiles in your dealings with the Klingons... ;-]