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02-01-2010, 09:12 AM
Originally Posted by Gumby75 View Post
First, I don't have a lot of time on my hands to level as work and a 2 year old daughter occupy the majority of my time. How is the leveling on here? Also, how is the PvP as I am a PvP junky and could care less about PvE or story lines? Is it free-for-all or simply Klingons vs. Starfleet? Is it zoned, or are you able to fight anywhere? Is PvP only in space or can you have ground combat as well?

Lastly, are you able to start out as a klingon or do you have to get to a certain level before that race is available and re-roll?
PvP is quite dull and lacks any real substance. PvP is basically like playing your single player game on Gamespy and entering a multiplayer combat, 10vs 10 is the normal with some 5v5 combat. All combat is Team Death Match and Instant spawn. You basically instantly spawn ready to fight again while losing nothing in the process. PvP has no reason at all as well. Nothing you do in PvP impacts anyone else, be it House vs House combat or Fed vs Klingon. Your wins dont help you and your losses dont hurt you.

PvP is absolutely meaningless.

The game is total fluff.