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02-01-2010, 10:34 AM
Then the cone is done horribly wrong...because I have my nose up their arse...its not an elevation issue. If it is the cone, they need to adjust the cone to provide a better enevlope since the scale is so skewed.

If the firing arcs are centered on the middle of the ship then they are screwing ignores the placement of the guns and makes for a much too narrowm firing envelope point of the ship(I guess its one other draw back of being design by cut and pasting Feds who rely on omni-directional phasers).

They need to slide the point of divergence for the arc to the rear(or farther) of the ship so there would never be a time where you are facing the target within the wingspan of the BoP and not be able to fire.

In other words, the limits of 45 deg arc need to pass/intersect the outer most parts of the BoP wing on its way out forward from the ship. The BoP's wings need to be included within the 45 deg arc...that has to make sense right?...adjust the point back until it does.