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02-01-2010, 09:46 AM
This has been an ongoing "Goldilocks" experience for me all through beta:

I went with the High Up Front shields (covariant, I think) with the slow recharge. Great until I took a beating, then I was screwed.

Then I went for Regen, figuring I would just stay as evasive as possible, but my first pass would always take hull damage.

Now I am running the 5% absorb. 5% bleedthrough shields (cant remember the name) and it's JUUUUUSSSTTT right. Enough shields up front to survive my devastating first pass, and regenerative enough to give me stamina in battle. Also, the 5% deal means my egg-shell hull is better protected.

I also switched from Tachyon Beam in beta, to Jam Sensors, which has mitigated a HUGE amount of my damage.