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02-01-2010, 10:09 AM
Hi all. I have afew questions.. Does anyone care about rank and structure.. If so what do you want..

I will be honest the only thing I worry about is the fleet bank.. I do not want someone to join the flee then clean our bank out then drop the fleet. So that is the one thing that i will be watching and probably restricting.. Now i do know that we can set max Energy amounts that people can take out. I may use that later on once i get a better feel for the items pricing. So until then if you need anything from the bank and it wont let you get it, grab me or any senior officer in game and we can get it for you... Of course if you do not like this idea or have an alternative to this idea let me know, i'm open to new things..

To figure out who is a senior officer, click the the Triangle on you mini map HUD, then choose fleet.. The members tab will show you who is online and what rank they are..