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02-01-2010, 10:09 AM
Tactical- Two schools of thought- bonus to torps, to really increase the killing blow of your torps, or bonus to whatever beams you use, to increase the damage of your most often used weapons. At this point, you can't go wrong either way.

Science- If you use tanky science skills, like polarise hull, then get something that boost whatever those science skills use. For Polarise hull, you want something that boosts hazard emitters .

Engineering- Unless you get a +15%-20% turn rate console, DONT USE TURN RATE CONSOLES. +7.5%-10% has such a small effect on your low turn rate, you're really better off using something else.

If you use EPS consoles: Quick and dirty rule of thumb: for each phaser over the base two, have a +1 bonus from your consoles to keep your energy levels similar to as if you were firing two. IE, if you're using 4 phasers, have +2 bonus from your EPS consoles, and it should be like firing 2 phasers in terms of energy levels. However, this is not an exact rule, and the more phasers over two you go, the less it holds true. So at six phasers, with +4 from the consoles, you will experience some energy drain, but nothing drastic.

However, you can fire 3 phasers with good efficiency without EPS consoles, so at teir2, you don't really need them.

Look for consoles that boost your damage resistances- kinetic damage resistances are nice. Also, look for things that increase shield regen, or shield capacity.

Consoles generally are loot drops and quest rewards- look on the exchange. However, the search for consoles are bugged- don't look in their category, rather, search for them by name in the ALL section.