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02-01-2010, 11:17 AM do it for the badges?

Perfect example of how an ill-conceived award system encourages pointless and ill-motivated participation in what is supposed to be an objective based venture.

Hopefully the devs will realize that rewarding the formality of just being there only encourages a grind mentality and produces discontent and complaints from those who's desire to just get points. It creates calls to totally gut the very thing the rest of us are actually playing for fun!...who play it for an intrinsic desire and value, who enjoy objective based combat, objective based content...not for the grind.

Devs, reward objective based PvP through achievement of objectives only please. So we arent relegated to just a grind. Give out the points for intrductory quests into PvP to encourage players to try it out, get their feet wet, etc...but only once per type. After that, base PvP quest rewards on achieving a certain number of goals within the objective so time in the arena isnt hampering point accumilation.

Have the PvP quests require a certain number of kills(you already have a requirement for 25 deaths), A certain number of objective captures/holds. Make the rewards dependent on actual acts that contribute to the fight. In fact, let all these items be PvP points...just make a simple PvP quest that says, acquire "X" many PvP points. This means you can get poins how ever you feel...just by playing PvP.

So Captures are 2 pts, holding is 1 pt, kills are 1 pt, healing is 1 pt, placing of turrets and installions are 1 pt, winning the matchis 5 points. Once yu get "X" PvP points, you omplete the PvP quest.