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02-01-2010, 11:22 AM
Originally Posted by Rothnang
Because you do more damage than your entire team.

Away missions are the weakest part of this game anyways. It boggles my mind how Cryptic who has some of the most fun ground combat in any MMO with Champions could design such a flaming turd as STO away missions.

Nothing except expose/exploit does any damage, so it's not even really a fight, it's just you throwing as many exposes as you can at the enemy hoping that they stick.

A game where a fight is nothing but waiting for a 10% instant death proc to go off is just lame. I want to play some battles, not instant death lottery.
Originally Posted by lrdasmodeous View Post obviously haven't played with the melee aspect. . .
Originally Posted by Rothnang
Doesn't change anything. Any normal attack is like 50-80 damage, an expose/exploit is somewhere in the order of 500-800 damage.

Back in Beta when you'd get stuck in an away mission without your team I would simply solo them. Encountered a group of klingons with two targ handlers and a swordmaster, fought them four times. Died the first three times almost instantly. Then the fourth time I ran in, got lucky on an AoE expose, all three got hit, I used a split beam rifle and vaporized all three of them in a single shot.

That's kind of telling how much combat is luck in this game, if you can destroy a far superior enemy squad in a single hit because you got a lucky 1 in 1000 tripple exploit.
yeah but gets kind of dull... being ganged up on and all. Wait till you have 3 swordsmen gang up on u lol