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02-01-2010, 10:43 AM
Originally Posted by ryusoma View Post
So basically my 'Headstart' has consisted of waiting in line, and 'oops, down for unscheduled maintenance lol'.

Oh, and my pre-ordered Deluxe edition bonus characters can't even be enabled until the retail release anyways.. how am I further ahead than Joe Sixpack who buys a DVD-ROM at Best Buy tomorrow?

This is what we get for giving you money.

GG, Cryptic.
I don't know, I got a pretty good headstart this weekend. I'm very close to Commander.

I can tolerate server downtime only because it's difficult to shake down performance issues but then again, that is what OB was supposed to accomplish.

The queue on the orher hand is something we shouldn't be expected to tolerate expecially considering the single server approach.