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Currently, skill points are capped. This alone would not be a problem (indeed, it tends to add more diversity to the game). However, there is also no method of respeccing (and I have little faith that there will be an in-game mechanic for this, but rather a pay-cash method). This too wouldn't be a problem, in and of itself. What IS a problem is combining these two things with exceedingly poor skill descriptions.

I have no confidence in spending my skill points, none. Since skill points are capped AND there is no mechanic to respec, the poor descriptions make it nearly impossible to make informed decisions about skill choices. That leads to an utter lack of confidence when spending points (especially beyond tier 3).

As of now, I pay/play month to month. As things stand I doubt I will continue for more than one or two, opting instead to cancel and try again a year or so down the road. I enjoy the game play, but I hate the nagging feeling that Iím going to regret choices I am making now at some point much later in my career. With no obvious way to correct 'mistakes', and little to no information available to avoid them, it tends to leave me with little to no confidence in the choices I make.

Anyone else feel this way?