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02-01-2010, 10:55 AM
Originally Posted by NinetyNine
How is it less than ideal? Cryptic isn't making you go AFK, and it's no different than timed missions in any other MMO out there. You lose progress if decide to waddle out to the kitchen to see if anyone restocked the ho-ho's.
Trouble is, most missions in other MMOs are not timed. Why does every single episode in STO have to be treated as such. Also, refer to the reasons above.

If I get disconnected, or my dog starts begging me to take her outside so she can do her business and then I have to wait thirty minutes for her to find that PERFECT spot... its just no fun to come back to STO have to log in and see that the progress for the mission i was working on is gone. The ultimate goal is to complete the scenarios so you can get the bulk of skill points for completing the mission. Having to restart only sets us back from that goal. This to me is not ideal.