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02-01-2010, 12:00 PM
Originally Posted by JacobFlowers View Post
repeating a mission for the same amount of skill points is something that will get nerfed in the future. Cryptic has stated that repeating a mission offers diminishing returns. So the benefit of double xp for a single mission is not intended.
I think you're confusing XP types here, Diminishing returns are already here. You complete a mission, but you want to help your friend do the same mission later, he can share the quest you completed but it says right on there that you won't get as much XP.

The poster was referring to Bridge officer XP which has no limit and has no way to reset w/o losising the xp completely. You know the 1 or 2(goes up with level i beleive) points you get when you pop an enemy ship. This should be fairly harmless

TBH the save between stages is fine imo, but the log off timer has to be increased again. It used to be 30min before they hit the server trouble in beta. I'd guess they'll bring it more inline when they can, now that a queue is in pace and once they get the servers sorted.

For the moment kicking inactive players early is probably the best solution they have to lighten the load. Just hope it doesn't stay.