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02-01-2010, 11:00 AM
Originally Posted by Proletariat12
No cocoa.
And why? the grind can be provided other ways. The large jumps in progression points you seek can be adjusted to provide just as rapid a climb in rank through actually accomplishing PvP points(that encorage actual PvP play)...just was fast as the grind encouraging quest do right now.

But in PvP your grind affects the quality of the PvP experience for all. Grind away in PvE...destroy that content for yourself...but let PvP be.

PvP rewards should encourage PvP...not just being there hoping to get it down as fast as possible. Keep in mind...winning and losing as very little to do with the acquition of PvP points...just participating will bring them. Actually winning the objective based scenerio only provides a small contribution to the wealth of points you'll acquire.

Think about...even the most lowly PvP player in these matches gets a handful of kills under their belt, a few captures, maybe a heal or two. That means they can easily get 10 pts a session. The best of us get 12-20kills, a few heals and a few we can get 20-30pts.

If the PvP quests require 15pts...then most players(middle ground) will get the reward in one to two sessions. Even the best of us wouldnt gain any more than the lowest player...because we can only fulfill the quest in session once.

The ones that require 45pts( average of 3 sessions...just like the current 3 match grind encouraging quest in game) one allow the weakest player to getit in 3 sessions, but allow most middle plaers to have a good shot at getting it in 2...only the few top PvPers will occasionally get it in 1.

Either way, it encourages participation however it suites your strengths...not necessarly even in killing others. Just get in their contribute and you can rank up quickly...even if your team loses or you die a lot.