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02-01-2010, 12:03 PM
Things happen that you need to get up for and may be away longer. Yes the autoboot is there to get people waiting in queues into the game now, but saving progress should be there. Not all things only take 10 minutes...and with the Klingons, one of their main ways of getting xp with the Kahless Expanse/Azure have to do it 3 times and wait 5 minutes for resets. So it takes about 30+ minutes to do these.
And not just saving when auto logged, but when the Take Item button is on the right hand side when still in combat mode, and then you go to click and you just get out of combat and it changes to warp out and it doesn't ask you "Are you sure you want to leave the sector?" like missions do and you warp out and now start all over again. That really ticks a lot of people off.