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This is a repost, as my original got wiped after beta.

After two weeks of solid bug reports and playing open beta. I like the game and can see its huge potential, I plan on playing for a while. Now there are some thing that bug me and I would like to convey my thoughts to the DEVs that peruse these boards. Some this has already been said but these are my words. Since I plan to only speak for myself. These are some of the things that I personaly would like to see added/updated within the game. I will do my best to be concise and to the point.

I encourage all replies to list in an itemized and concise fashion ,what you would like to see added/changed to the game.

General wants----

1. Why doesn't my tricorder say "scanning" instead of "interacting"

2. Dead Klingons should NEVER drop tribbles ,dont care what the reasoning is, it shouldn't happen

3. Beaming down to a starbase should automaticly holster weapons.

4. When close to any planet you cant beam down to, someone on the bridge could say,"Captain this planets atmosphere does not support life." or some sort of indication why I shouldn't.

5. Scanning ships ,items ,planets . Clik a target to scan and get a readout of the various intracasies of it cargo, type, armament.

Space is too busy.-----

1. No one could live on a planet with ten billion asteroids going around it. They would rain down like nuclear fire almost daily. And certain areas like Sol space should be BLACK space, not full of nebulae.
These are great pieces of art but they lose their impact when I see them every where I go.

Bridge non combat functions----

1. When navigating to a system my helmsmen should be driving, not me. Why not have the sector space on the viewscreen or similar, and let me issue the order to my helmsman to take us to Bomari via the drop down menu like in the galaxy map.

2. Communications/hails, same thing, this should be on the viewscreen.Use the same graphic display you have now except put it on the viescreen.

3. Random encounters, My tactic officer should say "captain, enemy contacts within range, orders?"
then show me these on the viewscreen as they become available, perhaps even the type of ships against a generic space background. Then let me choose to engage them or move on.

4. The idea here is to use the bridge for travel/communication give us the feeling of sitting in the big chair during non combat. Ships seem bigger when you see them from inside more often. Not to mention I think this would greatly enhance the immersion factor.

Quests general.----

1. Captains log should reflect the exact conversation that the quest giver had. Perhaps add input variable in the quest options to copy text to captains log. Right now it's blank unless I type something in there manually.

2. Branching stories. In the quest giver dialogs you can only proceed one way, give meaning to what they are telling you by adding, different answers and missions within the main one.

Example, you been told that you need to get the kligons of Uranis.So you can be off to kill them or
if you keep on questioning the quest giver, you can find out that on Saturn there is a weapon or item that will help you in your task.

2a. Others ideas. include the availability for two types of resolutions for a given scenario, fight or diplomacy.

3. More diplomacy and riddle/puzzle type quests please. I realize that action is a big part of Trek but so is knowledge and revelation.

4. Nemesis, Q type random encounter quests that invovle creatures that cannot be beat, but can only be appeased.

5. Starfleet should contact me with "important" quests , not have me beg for something to do.

User Interface.----

1. Autofiring all energy beams, not all weapons, My brand new mouse is already getting wore out from the constant clicking. I've never played any game since 1977 that required so many cliks. This one tiny change would make a huge dent in that for me.

2. The ability to resize ALL UI windows, and text.