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02-01-2010, 12:13 PM
Originally Posted by JacobFlowers View Post
Well I dont really know what people are talking about anymore. All of what I was saying, was in defense of the OP's sentiments which I agree with. So sorry for the confusion however that happened.
No worries, I wasn't trying to be critical, if i came across as that i'm sorry. Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

I was trying to clarify it a bit that there are two different skill points, the Captain (you) Skill points and then the Bridge officer skills points. When the poster said that you could gain extra XP he was referring to the Bridge officer skills points from my understanding of what he wrote.

Captain XP is only awarded when you complete the mission and does have diminished returns is the try to run it again. You were complete correct.

BO SP you get anytime to pop a ship, that's the XP he was talking about when you stop and start a mission w/o completing it. You could farm this xp in fleet or deep space encounters i believe.