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02-01-2010, 11:14 AM
Originally Posted by Slamz
I'm still hoping there will be an early (launch day?) patch to fix the content we already have -- broken vendors, broken quests. I don't really care about the schedule of new Klingon PvE, I just want our existing stuff to work!
I agree with this 1000%

Cryptic has to know that Klingons are not remotely ready for launch in their present condition. I saw some dev post to the effect of "wait until launch day" which makes me think they do have some big patch coming but if Tuesday is "launch day", what was Friday, exactly? I thought THAT was going to be launch day but apparently it was just the opening of the next phase of public beta, and Tuesday is still the "real" launch.
One of the problems I have with this is that Head Start is effectively a launch. It is not some like you say "next phase of public beta" and the fact that they did not treat it as such is bothersome.

The fact that STO effectively launched without the only Cmdr level PvE mission working makes me question if they really intend to support Klingon PvE at all. The fact that they remain silent about it not being fixed is another problem. I think more of us would be understanding if there was a Dev post that even acknowledged that it was a problem.

Add to that, that our one source of high level kits for PvP merits is broken and one cannot help but wonder what support Klingons can expect at all.

I'm not being a Doom and Gloomer, as I've said I have a lifetime sub, I want STO to live long and prosper, but I also want to be treated like my money matters to Cryptic even if I choose to play Klingon.