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02-01-2010, 11:34 AM
It would be fairly easy to ensure that there are more skills. An ability to affect one's own accuracy in both space and ground could be wildly helpful. Ones that improve verys pecific abilities such as turning ability on the ship. Even allow a person to spend skill points on an individual weapon so that it becomes personalized and eventually use the crafting system to upgrade it as needed. Capping the SP system is a joke right now, I'm afraid to spend any points when I don't even have know enough knowledge of what I'm doing.

What would better is say, that the lowest tiers of skills has unlimited SP gain, while higher ones instead can only have so many points put into it. Keep the cap where it is but the first two tiers of skills have no bearing on the cap itself. And throw in a few epic missions that give you items that allow you 'master' a skill set for a huge bonus on it.