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02-01-2010, 11:36 AM
Originally Posted by Gaglug View Post
Quick high-level tips

1) Understand your BO skills. Choose them carefully. Use them properly in combat.
2) Understand energy allocation. Understand how and why it works as it does. Set it properly.
People say things of this nature a lot. No one ever elaborates. The "manual" consists of 5 worthless web pages. Skill descriptions are vague at best, so it's hard to figure out anything on your own that everyone else hasn't figured out, and the better players know how to easily counter. Understand energy allocation? I thought I at least had a clue, until one of the loading screen blurbs stated that increasing power to weapons systems did not increase damage. What is it for then? BOff skills that never seem to drain power?

I'm a little frustrated. Can anyone point me to a good source of info on these subjects. Trying to learn purely by getting pwned is slow, at best.