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02-01-2010, 12:37 PM
Originally Posted by Callasan View Post
It's been disproven, too - twice.

First one is the Blizzard/Vivendi vs. MDM suit - MDM made a bot to play WoW and sold it. Blizzard stepped in, and won the case on both technical and EULA grounds.

Second was that joker who sued Sony over being permabanned from PSN. His offense? Trolling, insulting others, and swearing - all EULA violations. The case was thrown out by the officiating judge.
Firstly it's MDY Industries, LLC and Secondly it's MDY Industries v Vivendi/Blizzard with reverse filed after original suit. Secondly, that case has nothing to do with suing over servers down, and it;s set to be over turned by appeals due to the fact the ludicrous claim the judge made in his verdict.