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02-01-2010, 11:39 AM
Originally Posted by Goroxx
I agree, I'm having a blast as well; haven't had this much fun since the opening days of WoW original.

Even with all the bugs and server whatnot, I think what excites me most is that I can see this game's potential. Once the major launch bugs are squashed, we've got an excellent framework for almost limitless adventure both on the ground and in space.
The highlighted text is something that made me go lifer right off the bat. I can easily imagine the expansions... Romulan... Cardassian... etc... all with their own space, new characters, new ships, etc... Fun stuff to think about in my eyes... I predict in 5 years there will be hardcore fleets for all factions and wouldn't be surprised if the space/planets were fluid and ownership was based on pvp outcomes...