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02-01-2010, 11:39 AM
Originally Posted by Callasan View Post
It's been disproven, too - twice.

First one is the Blizzard/Vivendi vs. MDM suit - MDM made a bot to play WoW and sold it. Blizzard stepped in, and won the case on both technical and EULA grounds.

Second was that joker who sued Sony over being permabanned from PSN. His offense? Trolling, insulting others, and swearing - all EULA violations. The case was thrown out by the officiating judge.
I knew about the MDY case - that went somewhat beyond simple EULA enforcement though, as I recall Blizzard claimed that WoWGlider made an "illegal copy" of their software in RAM and the judge agreed with them. I think that was the case wjhere both sides went and got expert testimony on the impact of botting and gold-selling on the game economy? Well, when I say "expert" - Blizzard got Ed Castronova, who literally wrote the book on virtual world economies. MDY got some guy from the University of Kentucky that nobody had ever heard of ...