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02-01-2010, 11:41 AM
I find their ability to whine OP. They have better means to level on demand, better access to gear and even more specialized ships. One of our classes, science, never receives a dedicated ship--ever. This includes stealth detection, boosts to aux and shields, extra console slots etc.

Klinks doing too much damage is a two-part explanation. There is an effective amount of damage that must be done to result in a player death. This amount must be shared by everyone in the team. It is a relative situation. Klingons have less effective shields and hull at this level, you must do less damage to kill them. The second part is that most klingons are using dual heavy cannons. Only Escorts can do this fedside, and our predilection for targeting them first means they're not very popular. Want to lay down some damage? Get the big guns.

This will change in T3 when both sides have cruisers--although Feds lose their advantage from T2. The K'tinga will be a solid tank/dps with its 4 fore slots and not super terrible maneuverability. In T4 and T5 cruisers cannot fit 45' cannons and perform as well as they could in T3--they were rare at that stage anyways. Having a cruiser helps even the playing field. What won't change is Feds will always have science advantage.

Going "Full Impulse" is achieved by diverting power to engines (about 75 is good) and using evasive maneuvers. Or you can get this faster by using Power to Engines, EPS Power Transfer and/or Engine Batteries. Understanding your power tables (and what they can do for you) is pretty crucial for understanding how combat will play out.