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02-01-2010, 12:48 PM
Originally Posted by USSNighthawk

I was having problems with this last night. I decided to be friendly and talk on zone chat (kinda nice at 3 AM when all the whiners are asleep) last night, and, since I didn't have anything pressing to do, found a nice comfy spot in sector space to just sit and talk. Next thing I know, I see a loading screen with "Deep Space Encounter". Not cool.

I'm assuming this is how Cryptic's dealing with gold spammers, and afk-ers. You sit in one spot too long and then, to quote a previous statement, "RAAAAAAAGGH K'PLAH PEW PEW" and all that. /dead

EDIT: I also love how for every, even minor, complaint there's always at least one person that doesn't want it changed. Even if it would hardly impact their gameplay, they are still against it.

Then go to Sol or find another safe place. Space is suppose to be dangerous.