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02-01-2010, 11:54 AM
It's all a bit of a pendulum. It used to be that the legal system was such a "good ole' boy system," you couldn't even think about trying to right a wrong or seek damages for liability suits. I've seen so many of those cases just get disappeared it's not even funny.

Then you had the huge uptick in "landmark" lawsuits after successful cases like those referenced above, and others.

Methinks the pendulum is heading back the other way. DMCA, Copyright, EULAs and such are usually held up quite a bit in court now-a-days, perhaps beyond what they should.

I'm not saying you wont get laughed out of court for suing over a video game, but by the same token, slapping the clause "WE ARE ONLY LIABLE FOR THE AFOREMENTIONED PRODUCT AND SERVICES, AND SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ADDITIONAL...(insert generic clauses here)," shouldn't offer unlimited protection from really bad products or services, especially those tying you into a guaranteed contract...which this game isn't - you pay upfront, and keep paying until you don't want to use it anymore, unlike a mobile plan or such.