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Originally Posted by Jithril View Post
People say things of this nature a lot. No one ever elaborates. The "manual" consists of 5 worthless web pages. Skill descriptions are vague at best, so it's hard to figure out anything on your own that everyone else hasn't figured out, and the better players know how to easily counter. Understand energy allocation? I thought I at least had a clue, until one of the loading screen blurbs stated that increasing power to weapons systems did not increase damage. What is it for then? BOff skills that never seem to drain power?

I'm a little frustrated. Can anyone point me to a good source of info on these subjects. Trying to learn purely by getting pwned is slow, at best.

Well, I learned energy allocation via trial and error. During beta I just set aside an hour or so to fiddle with energy settings, console fittings, etc. When I did combat testing, I found a direct and linear relationship between dps and weapon power setting. Generally speaking, consider energy allocation to work on a scale that's based on 50 being average. If you have a setting of 100 you'll get twice the benefit that you have at 50. If you have a setting of 25 you'll have half the benefit that you have at 50. If you're thinking of things like weapons and shields, the general rule of thumb is:
25 = 1x
50 = 2x
75 = 3x
100 = 4x

So your setting of a system at 50 will give you twice the benefit of that energy subsystem at 25. You need to tune your energy allocation based upon what you're trying to do. Are you going max dps and maneuverability in a BoP? Are you going tank? What are you doing?

If you set up a cruiser with all power to shields and engines, and low power to weapons and aux you're going to be flying a fast brick that can't turn, shoot, or do other misc stuff. If you set your escort up with full power to weapons and high aux, you're going to have a hard-hitting and maneuverable craft.

When you set your energy, keep in mind your ship's role and how your energy allocation can best help you do the job you need your ship to do.

Oh, and always stack up your max training in your captain's warp core training. That helps energy allocation across the board.

As far as BO skills go, you just need to read the skills and figure out what sounds best. Use those BO skills. Get another BO with an alternative skill, try that out. Trial and error.

When I first loaded up beta and was flying around and shooting other folks in space PvP, I suddenly was surrounded by some sparkles and I couldn't see the other ship. zomg what was that? I watched players using other skills, learned what they were (ask them!), and then tried those skills out for myself. Since I'm usually at or near the top of the damage charts for any given PvP fight, I frequently get people asking me what my loadout is and I'm more than happy to answer. So if you see a burst of expanding green light in a fight, or a strange purple torpedo or anything...ask about what it is, chances are people will explain.