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02-01-2010, 12:59 PM
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There seems to be alot of people who react to things they don't like in game by threatening a lawsuit with Cryptic.When did we ,as a society decide everyone needs to be sued all the time for everything you don't like in the World?Do you know how silly you look when you threaten to sue a game developer becuase the phaser is the wrong color,or the game didn't come out the way you want it,or God forbid,the server is down for a bit.

We have really sunk to new lows when things like this happen.Here is an example of some silly things that most likely came about due to a lawsuit.My wife was eating a tin of smoked oysters and on the side of the tin I noticed it said"warning,product may contain oysters"I was like WTF.You know someone,somewhere sued this oyster company and they had to put that label on the can.Next thing ,all video game companies will need to put somewhere on the EULA that "servers may come down for maintenance from time to time at the companies discretion"Wait,they already say that.Grow up people and stop calling a lawyer everytime you get a percieved wrong in your life.Rant over.

ZOMG!!!! Ur blu fhont haz hurt mi eyez!!!! Imma gunna sue u!!!!! I dimand compensayshun 4 mi trawmah!!!