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02-01-2010, 01:27 PM
Originally Posted by MajorD View Post
It didn't need to be easier, but it did need redesign. Having such a huge level with no full impulse is crazy, and having it so clouds can magically respawn on top of you is purely unfair. If they could have fixed both those problems, nothing else would have needed changing.

The clouds should be incapable of respawning, instead they should be able to slowly change position, in the way clouds drift.
I HATED the mission the 2 times I went thru it in OB.

Not that it was difficult...Just those damn Metreon Pockets that respawn...I spent more time chasing pockets, then ships...and when I think I am clear...BOOM. Dead...Metreon pocket spawned on top of me.....I don't mind dying (even if there was a death penalty) but sheesh.

Maybe reduce the damage caused by them, or change the spawn timer or something....

And no...I did not participate in the whines to the devs about the mission.

I was willing to accept it as it was...just avoid doing it as long as possible. hehe