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02-01-2010, 12:28 PM
Originally Posted by Bobkyou
I disagree. Inflation was very apparent in beta, and even with the unofficial ways some people were bringing energy credits into the market I feel it may be a serious problem. The game needs all the gold sinks it can find.
Gold Sinks are ok but the first tab should be next to nothing for 2 reasons:

1- There isn't enough freaking slots
2- We just freaking started and we need those slots to provide items for members of our FLEET

While I am at it....FIX THE CONTROLS!!!!! I should be able to give each rank permissions for deposit/withdrawal of not just the credits BUT THE ITEMS also! What kind of idiotic interface would not allow that?

GAH! Love the game but little things like this should never have happened. I know you are in direct competition with WOW but they are successful for a reason. Learn from it!