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02-01-2010, 01:31 PM
Originally Posted by Ghang
The bottom line is, any relevant information to a purchase should be displayed ON the advertisement for it. Argue "Buyer Beware" all you want but if Cryptic had any shred of decency they would have put a little asterisk beside the Joined Trill bonus that said "Joined Trill not available until launch" instead of hiding it in a FAQ a person has to go out of their way to read.

Defend it all you want. The point is, all these complaints could have been avoided by being honest and including any relevant information to the purchase ON THE PAGE WHERE YOU PURCHASE IT. Not in the middle of a FAQ on a completely different page.
Did you think that the information wasn’t made clear to the merchants?

You could call Gamestop when this started coming out and everyone you would speak with gave a different story.

Also, these merchants are in the business of making money; so if I being a merchant happened to run my description together and you believe my product will provide a better perk, reason to order from the merchant, the merchant might sell more of the product and in the end the merchant can say, “ooops, I misunderstood.”

When I go to the websites advertising the joined Trill, I don't think cryptic controls those sites so it wouldn't be their responsibility to put an asterisk by the joined Trill being it isn't their sites.

Cryptic provided a fact so "Buyer Beware." In the future try going to the source not some third party to find out the information.

Originally Posted by Ghang
Any other Marketing reward I've ever gotten in an MMO was done in such a way that you could add the bonus to a previously existing character, I just expected this would be the same. I didn't have any questions about how it worked, so whay would I read a FAQ? "Joined Trill" is listed in the EXACT same place as my "head start access" and I've never had an offer where 2 of the pre-order bonuses were exclusive to one another. Why would it be so hard to include the Trill symbiote as an item in your iventory that added your extra trait when you use it? Because they're lazy.
The reason you can't just add the symbiote to the character is because the joined trill does not work that way. While making the character, there will be an option to select a joined Trill as your character.

Yes, in the series the symbiote could be passed to another non-joined Trill but it doesn't work like that in the game.