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02-01-2010, 12:49 PM
Originally Posted by TaPel
Used such tactic with changing rate of success but it was fun. But still they do not need to make random enemies pop up in everywhere. Scanning is boring because they havent given much thought to it. It could have been made so much better with some minigame included... Olso there are missions i need to find something in system but there is no option to scab for these objects. In Trek it was the most common solution to scan for something they were searching, instead of wandering around in hopes of findinf such object
yes, in fact there is a button to scan, I use it all the time to find the glowies. It's a small button to the left of the minimap, I think it has 3 little lines.

There are missions in which you don't fight. Yes, even though they're just 'beam down', 'click 5 glowies', 'beam up', I like them, provides a small change of pace from fight fight fight (and some of them actually have some cool mission text, I do read all mission texts)