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02-01-2010, 12:48 PM
Originally Posted by Pandajuice View Post
Basically with any online venture, if you get hacked, it's pretty much your fault. You clicked on something you shouldn't have, gave your account name out in public, or are harboring a trojan/keylogger on your machine. Blizzard's authenticator is just money-grabbing BS and unnecessary to those with half a brain.

It's not really Cryptic's responsibility to ensure the security of your account, it's yours. Make it as secure as possible with an abstract account name, complex password, keep your machine clean of spyware and viruses, and don't click on spam emails. Simple as that really.
It may your fault, but that doesn't mean that Cryptic shouldn't implement a token-based authentication. Blizzard's authenticator is not just money-grabbing BS. It's called customer service. Blizzard provides account restoration service in the case that an account compromise is confirmed.

The authenticator is offered as a service to customers for additional security to their account and to help reduce the amount of time that Blizzard has to devote to investigating and working to restore compromised accounts. I can say with almost certainty that authenticator sales will never fully offset the cost of the additional hardware, software licenses, and engineers to develop and deploy it, as well as the technician time spent investigating accounts, identifying lost items or characters, and just generally restoring the account to its previous state.

The authenticator reduces the number of compromises, gives the customers additional security to not be compromised, and is just a generally good security practice that is used by thousands of companies world-wide. Multi-factor authentication adds an incredible amount of security to user accounts, regardless of how those accounts are used.

Furthermore, World of ******** is not even the only MMO to implement such an infrastructure. I know that FFXI also offered a token-based login and I'm sure that other online games have as well. It's simply a good practice to offer this service to the customers. If the users feel that it is unnecessary, like yourself, then they don't have to use it, but for others that have more concern for their account's security, it is a great addition to the account.

Here's one example of an authentication token: