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02-01-2010, 12:52 PM
Originally Posted by Carnality
Because you, like the other Klingon scrubs I see on our side, will hide like little *****es, cloaked, forever, not wanting to attack and maybe get killed.

I hate that. I play Kling and the one thing that annoys the **** out of me is when 5 klings are looking at 3-6 feds and dont attack. So I attack thinking they will join in but they dont. So i EM+EB to try and pull the feds apart but the klings dont jump in. Then I die. And NOW the stupid klings uncloak and attack 5 different targets (normally all cruisers).

WTB Kling t2 pvp group with half a brain.

P.S. I am the "get it over with" type for matches with only me vs 10 feds. If the match isnt going to happen...why slow it down and waste my time.