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02-01-2010, 01:07 PM
Originally Posted by Gridcaster
what i'd like to see is viable ways to advance in the game without having to be a soldier...

there should be support/alternate areas to play other then just straight combat...

a. merchants
b. science exploration (resource harvesting)
c. trade skills

these roles clearly support a war effort, but do so without having to hold a phaser to a klingon's head on a daily basis.

what i am most missing in the game so far is:
1. a trade skill option. i'd like to play a science officer who can make things...spend as much time in research and development as in combat. currently, i feel like i have a MD, but am still just a fighter on the front lines.

2. increased socialization. i'd like an IN GAME reason why folks would WANT to socialize with one another.
Agreed on those. Especially the social part. There is not enough socialising in game since so many get to these forums during playing. One thing for chat i would like to have is an option to look just chats of zone i am, instead of all zones in same window. If there is such option please help and tell me

And to another reply, i hqave found and also use scan all the time but for my knownledge i can only scan for those anomalies you can gathert. Not for mission objects etc. Is it not part of ships scanners functions to show you all nearby ships, asteroids, anomalies, materials etc.. You get my point i hope?