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02-01-2010, 01:13 PM
alot of ppl do need to learn to play, complaing about klingons being overpower becouse you dont use the powers the game has given to you is crazy.
I seen a fed complain about klingson being OP, but he coud not even figur out to transferre shield power.
Also alot of players that use beam think it is a good idea to use full impulse to get to a 1-4km range of a canon user.
the problem here is to many feds do the same things in pvp as they do againgst npc mobs.

shoud one side be nerf becouse the other side dont fight the best their ships can? ooo, this players sucks, so we need to nerf all the players that are good so the sucky players can win to

I been up againg some very good players, and sometimes I lose, but I also been up against some very bad players, wich then tell me I am overpower.

I dont know if the klingsons are overpowered or not, but I do know that alot of the players that think thier are still having trouple learning to do pvp