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So apparently flying an Escort is the equivalent to painting a giant red bulls-eye on your ship?

There’s some debate as to whether high shield HP or high shield regen will help any, but we all know if they want your shields gone, they’re gone.

So rather than roll over and let Escorts become easy prey, why don’t we let them use what they’re supposed to use.

Every combat focused episode of DS9, the Defiant’s shields are gone in seconds. But the Ablative armor pulls them through the encounter.

Then we look at the modified Voyager, and see how the futuristic Ablative armor generators ward off the Borg like mosquitoes.

So where’s the Ablative armor?

It can be an extra layer of defense between shield and hull. Escorts would have it by default, and other ships could possibly add it by way of a console/modification/whatever they’re called. Of course, this will mean you’re sacrificing something else that’d probably be more beneficial.

I think it's a very canonical addition, rather than everyone saying "Escorts all need Cloaks!!1!"