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02-01-2010, 01:24 PM
Originally Posted by megagame View Post
alot of ppl do need to learn to play, complaing about klingons being overpower becouse you dont use the powers the game has given to you is crazy

I seen a fed complain about klingson being OP, but he coud not even figur out to transferre shield power.
Also alot of players that use beam think it is a good idea to use full impulse to get to a 1-4km range of a canon user.
the problem here is to many feds do the same things in pvp as they do againgst npc mobs.

shoud one side be nerf becouse the other side dont fight the best their ships can? ooo, this players sucks, so we need to nerf all the players that are good so the sucky players can win to

A lot of people WILL be forced to learn to play. Balances will come. I use the word "NERF" just to get attention to the thread, but the truth is we'll be balanced down some, that's fine by me.

I've seen Klingons complain about how Fed cruisers are SOOO powerful just because he couldn't kill him - but the cruiser couldn't kill him either. So whats the problem?

There are noobs on both sides.

I do agree that Feds use NPC tactics in PVP, but it hasn't stopped me from cutting through them anyways without much trouble.

Just saying. Expect some incoming nerfs and don't be surprised.

Start learning your role and how to better attack.