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02-01-2010, 01:25 PM
Originally Posted by TaPel
As i go further in game i get let down over and over again by missions and many other parts too. Why do i need to destroy everything? Why cant i scan for those dilithium crystal in a certain system? Why cant i have peaceful solutions to problems? Why cant i disable enemy ships?

I am all the time giving it a chance and am trying to get myself assured that there will be these vital Startrek aspects in the future but every person has limits to their partience..

And in such point everyone will either quit or want some reassurance that game will be developed further in these areas.

Startrek is not about killing everything but rather finding solutions to prevent violence. And yes there is also need for batle every now and then.

Players have their ability to have combat now. It would be time to add other aspects as well in near future.

Thank you, feel free to troll
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