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02-01-2010, 01:25 PM
Originally Posted by bigduckie
wish my gf was up for nookie all she does is grumble about how cold it is and about the lack of food.

oh well sometimes you have to remind them when its a choice between borg and food.


*pats on his back* Im here for yah, will cry togeather. Yah know just flip on some "adult" type movie and see what she does :p

Originally Posted by Chat

You have to admit it's a pretty good argument if you want a refund.

On a side note... Money Chat had saved up for LT was given to the bf so he could get dreads.
So LT will come at a later date. Not that Chat mind paying monthly she will stay until the game dies no matter what... Or until Chat dies.
Yeah...ill admit it..sigh lol

Chat will NEVER die!!! Ill make sure of that! The Chat must go on!