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Originally Posted by gunsmoke View Post
I'm certainly no expert on human nature, but in my experience it's far more common for human beings to express themselves when they're unhappy with something. So an abundance of complaints doesn't necessarily indicate a majority of the population consisting of disgruntled individuals.

Now, of course, it's not really an indicator of the opposite either. But, that said, while the atmosphere is slightly volatile it's not nearly as bad as I had expected from a Star Trek MMO (simply due to the presence of so many trekkies in one location - it's a wonder the universe does not fold in on itself). Who knows how many people are having a blast, enjoying the game as it is, and have no serious issues if they have no real reason to come to the forums and speak up about it?

Personally, I certainly am enjoying STO. Sure it's got some quirks and hickups, and a few quality-of-life issues that should probably be looked at eventually, but we havent' even reached launch day yet. They'll sort things out soon enough. And looking to the future, with regular updates and addons, just imagine what a brilliant gem of a game this could become a few years down the road.

Oh my gosh, I think I'm turning trekkie.
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