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02-01-2010, 01:30 PM
Originally Posted by Pandajuice View Post
I doubt it. Cryptic is focused on actually launching the game at this point and having it be successful. Like I said before, it's your responsibility to ensure the security of your account, not theirs. You don't get hacked by simply logging into the game. You get hacked by doing something stupid and compromising your own security.

Blizzard is only offering the authenticators now because of their asinine requirement introduced a few months ago of forcing everyone to switch their accounts over to accounts, which compromised many of them. It was a major SNAFU on their part that they had to fix.

Cryptic hasn't done that.
Epic fail for your lack of knowledge. Blizzard has been offering the Authenicator for well over a year. Long before they required that people move their accounts over to In fact is was first offered June 28-29 2008 at the Blizzard Inventational in Paris.

BTW, concerning you earlier post about just creating a stronger password....if someone wants the information, they will get it...period...end of story.

The fact that Cryptic allows your Forum/Website username to be your @handle in game, isn't the players issue, its Cryptic's. Our account names shouldn't be shown inside the game....period...end of story. They shouldn't even allow the system to allow users the ability to make the Account Name and @handle the same when signing up.