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02-01-2010, 01:35 PM
Originally Posted by Carnality
On my Klingon I still have Mk2 loadout on my BoP - haven't upgraded - and I find myself raping ships in a way that I simply shouldn't. I've had 4 Feds shooting at me before and they can't cut thru my shields fast enough, whereas I alone will cut thru their shields with ease.
Don't be ridiculous.

Feds have access to the same weapons we do, if not more. They have more hull and better shields. So tell me, why can't they kill us faster than we kill them? Yes, a Klingon ship outfitted with heavy cannons will out-DPS a Fed ship outfitted with low DPS wide angle beams. Nothing stops the Feds from flying escorts armed with cannons, though -- that's exactly how I played my Fed in open beta and I killed plenty of Klingons with it.

2) Stay together and everyone target the escorts. Our cannons rip them apart even with buffs and heals.

3) Now its 5 v 4 or 5 v 3.
And why do you suppose Feds can't do this?

EVERY T2 Klingon ship is an escort! Klingons have to sit in cloak and examine every Fed ship to see which one is the escort but Feds can just pick any Klingon ship and kill it. We're all in escorts! Feds need to pick someone to assist, let that person pick a target (pick a Klingon, any Klingon) and then pain-train.

You can't balance "stupid", though. If Feds arm their ships entirely with weak wide-area beam weapons and they all fly around in Cruisers with 100 shield energy then it should come as no surprise that Klingons appear overpowered. Big shields will not defeat big weapons. You can't win by playing super-defense, which is something many Fed players haven't grasped.

Go fight a team of Fed players who aren't stupid and then come back here and re-analyze your post. Get a couple of escorts that will tear you up, a couple of science officers that will heal them and a couple of cruisers that can keep the fight in their favor while any dead escorts rejoin the battle and you have a recipe for victory.