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02-01-2010, 01:37 PM
Originally Posted by Varrangian View Post
I think part of the problem is that they built a faction where the die hard (be they PvPers or Klingon fans) are he majority of the players. They get good at what the need to be good at (PvP) really fast or they leave. This creates a faction that is built to win most of the time, then when they do win most of the time they get nerfed.

If we have a bigger population with more diversity in players and playstyles we would not be seeing Klingon domination in the way we do.

Do they need balance tweaks? Yes but that doesn't mean the the cries of "Klingons are unstoppable" are true and based in reality of game mechanics. If they are unstoppable it has more to do with the fact that the faction system promotes it that way and less to do with the few abilities/skills/gear that is uniquely Klingon.
I completely agree, and I play mainly as Federation.

I would say, don't nerf anything until we see some serious sampling of max-level PVP. And even then, I can imagine the dynamics changing significantly once other playable factions are introduced.

The 'problem' -- if that -- is that everyone currently starts as Federation, whereas you have to be somewhat experienced to play Klingon. If players are ever allowed to create Klingons from scratch without needing to start as Federation -- basically, if Klingons get the same amount of PVE content -- I imagine the major balance issues would disappear.