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02-01-2010, 01:42 PM
Originally Posted by Nightrun55 View Post
Have we come up with a solution that fixes the problem of server size, other then wait in line for 1 hour? Beta testers asked for a Que line so they could see if they could take a quick pee while waiting. Not see if they could go to the movies and the beach.

Que line is great info, but hardly a solution. Please give us some well thought out solution to this.
I saw an ad on Pet Smart's website in the hamster section:

Our quality hamsters now power Cryptic's MMO game servers!
"The high quality hamsters provided by Pet Smart have done an outstanding job of keeping our servers online! In fact,
we are so satisfied with them, we ordered another 1000 of them for the upcoming launch of Star Trek Online - Cryptic Developer"

[Click here for customer reviews]

Personally, I don't anticipate much server up-time tomorrow. I will be shocked (but pleased) if they are up more than half the time next week. I was planning a "sick" day for Tuesday but at this point, based on what happened this last weekend, I think I am feeling well enough to work tomorrow. I was rushed during head start. I have a lifetime sub so there is no rush after Tuesday.