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02-01-2010, 02:41 PM
Originally Posted by MooseOfWoe View Post
Allow me to clarify. Escorts = High damage output class. Fleet actions give a blue rarity reward _every_ time to whoever has the highest score based solely on damage dealt. #2-5 or so get a green.

The loot is then sold. Escorts keep doing fleet actions and usually getting top prize because nothing can keep up with the damage output they dish. Since there is no penalty for dying, they can just do as much damage as possible before blowing up and doing it again.

Support classes and healers are useless as is with no DP, so basically DPS gets all the glory and can farm for obscene amounts of money.

The biggest case is the Crystalline Entity. When you get to it, you'll see what I mean. It won't last more than 15 seconds. You'll literally see Escorts sitting in there waiting for the timer to reset over...and over so that they can get a blue mk iv item every 5 minutes.
Yeah its really bad and needs to be fixed badle. I was in a fleet encounter during OB where 90% of the ppl in the encounter were sitting on where the Dreadnaught spawns while the rest of us (who didnt even know they were in there) did all the requirements to make it spawn. Then when it did, they killed it in .3 sec, and none of the rest of us had ANTY shot at whatever it drops.
In addition to this problem is the AFKing.
Near the end of OB, I was seeing more ppl sitting at the entrance to encounters afk, waiting to collect their reawrds by the ppl actually doing the encounter than were even doing it at all.